Content Usage Guidelines

If necessary, please contact me through e-mail.
*I may not respond to content sent via Twitter direct messages.

Contact (My e-mail address is included)

*I am currently on hiatus, so please check the above page for the status of accepting requests.

Entacted & Last updated: 2022-12-01

For Personal Use

For use as background music for non-commercial videos

You may use my songs as long as you clearly state the credit in the description or in the video. When uploading videos to YouTube, please note that Content ID system may react to some songs, but the channel will not be warned for this.

FOR CREATING a derivative work as a rhythm-game chart

The sound source must be clearly credited.
Secondary distribution of sound data is prohibited.
Please keep it for personal use only.
Some games with level editors may have their individual guidelines, so please follow them.
I may not be able to respond to questions about using for this purpose.

Reprinting, especially for listening to music

Basically prohibited. (It doesn’t matter if it’s not for profit.)
If you strongly want to publish my music on your platform for any reason, first of all, please email me in advance to discuss your request.

For Recording and Inclusion in Rhythm Games

For use in non-commercial games

Please contact me via e-mail for inclusion in games that have already been released.
It is prohibited to incorporate my music into your own game or application without permission.
Please be sure to inform me in advance with a description of your game.

For Commercial Use

This will be a paid contract, so please contact me via e-mail.

*Except in cases where the development team has a history of releasing other games that have already been completed, when the game development has not been completed and the game has not yet been released, in principle, I will decline the use of works, regardless of whether it is for commercial or non-commercial use. (I may not be able to respond to your request.) Please contact me after you have published your game in a playable state.

*I am currently unable to accept new writing requests.
*I am currently not accepting any requests for the transfer of rights.
I am currently on hiatus, so please check the above page for the status of accepting requests.

For Other Use or Commercial Use

Please contact me via e-mail.

Songs not covered by these guidelines

The above guidelines do NOT apply to those works.
Please follow the guidelines provided by the respective companies, if any.
Please refrain from contacting copyright holders regarding personal use.
Don’t trouble others.

いまきみに (from SOUND VOLTEX)
晨星ト鵺 (from 太鼓の達人)
X7124 (from CHUNITHM)
Untrodden Morn (from MUSYNC/MUSYNX)
Aegleseeker (from Arcaea)
Fallensquare (from Arcaea)
Red and Blue (from Arcaea)
Lethaeus (from Arcaea)